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Marchtime Mews(ness)

One thing you will quickly learn about me as a person is that nothing makes me happier than finding particularly quaint mews throughout the bustling city. Quiet, tucked away little spaces with oozes of charm, these former carriage houses and stables built around a courtyard or behind larger houses are what contribute toward my fond feelings of London.

Formerly used to house the horses belonging to the wealthy elite, individuals started converting these ‘stables’ into homes when the motor car was introduced in the 20th century. Often found in the ritzier locations of London, mews houses have become a hot ticket in the property market.

Upon exiting Holland Park, I stumbled across Holland Park Mews – the strong arched entrance lends a much grander architectural feel than most. I love the juxtaposition between the small row of houses and the imposing entrance.

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