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I’m Burning for Kew

If you are, like I am, the type of person to spend an extensive period of time standing in a store smelling every candle on the shelf, then I think you will appreciate this post. Last year I happened upon a candle and reed diffuser range produced by the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. What is a reed diffuser you ask? That smelly thing with sticks, of course!

Although I’ve not visited the gardens myself, I feel like I’ve had an extensive wander through its tangled greens through my time spent burning their candles in my home. Each scent is inspired by the botanicals at Kew – ranging from my favourites, Tuberose and Hyacinth (this scent is literally Easter in a candle) to the more intriguing Rosemary and Coriander varieties.

If you are tired of investing in expensive  Jo Malone and diptyque candles then I suggest you try these. There’s only a limited selection available on the Kew website, so head to The General Trading Company in South Ken for the complete collection.

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